Children grow and develop skills at different ages and stages. These are the broad goals and skills that teachers of the 3’s and 4’s will be working towards.  The teachers facilitate a developmentally appropriate program that is designed to promote each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.  All activities are skill based and goal-oriented, to help children reach their own personal best.

Ganon 3's & 4's Development Goals

List of 7 items.

  • Language and Literacy Goals

    • Use increasingly longer sentences to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings
    • Actively participate in maagal (circle time) class discussions
    • Listens and understands directions (2 step, 3 step)
    • Listens with interest and understanding to a wide variety of age-appropriate literature
    • Exhibits an interest in reading books, stories, poems
    • Uses language to retell stories and experiences to both describe and ask questions
    • Use different forms of writing to express ideas (drawing, letters)
    • Recognize one's own name and friends’ names
    • Recognize letters – begin matching sounds to letters
    • Develop phonemic awareness, recognizing and creating rhymes, finding words that begin with a given sound, and identifying sounds in words
    • Arrange stories and events into beginning, middle, and end order
    • Generate questions to gather information
    • Speak on topic
    • Begin to write one's own name
  • Number Sense Goals

    • Identify and say the names of numbers 1 - 10
    • 1 to 1 correspondence, numbers to quantity 1-10
    • Use positional and ordinal numbers in everyday activities (first, second, third vs. one, two, three)
    • Use concrete objects to solve simple addition and subtraction problems
    • Become familiar with language related to calendar
    • Become familiar with U.S. coins
    • Explore and describe objects by attributes
    • Recognize, reproduce, extend, create, and compare repeating patterns
    • Explore and identify space, direction, size, and position of objects, or places
    • Estimate and measure
  • Social Emotional Goals

    • Follow routines and manage transitions
    • Negotiate with peers to resolve conflicts and share feelings
    • Demonstrate the ability to take turns/share
    • Displays self-confidence
    • Uses classroom materials carefully
    • Participates in most activities
    • Interacts with one or more children during active times
    • Shows empathy and caring for others
    • Shows eagerness to learn
    • Sits during circle time
    • Waits for his or her turn in conversations
    • Uses words to solve conflicts
    • Seeks help when needed
    • Completes tasks, is curious, focuses on a task for a period of time, is an active learner
  • Self-Help Goals

    • Uses bathroom independently
    • Understands and follows classroom rules
    • Eats independently and uses utensils appropriately
    • Hangs coat on hook
    • Uses words to ask for help when needed
    • Dresses self, zips coat with help working towards independence
    • Can find work/activities in the classroom independently
  • Jewish Traditions

    • Tefillah (prayers)
    • Blessings on food/blessings after food
    • Tzedakah (charity)
    • Chaggim (holidays)
    • Shabbat Celebrations
    • Torah Stories/Weekly Parasha
    • Mitzvot
  • Jewish Values

    • Mitzvot
    • Kindness and empathy (chessed)
    • Respect
  • Hebrew Language

    • Hebrew language incorporated into classroom activities: calendar, weather, songs, and story books
    • Native Israeli speaker in the classroom
    • Gain comfort with conversational Hebrew

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